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Mission and Vision

The Radiochemistry Society is a scientific and professional organization whose members specialize in both applied and fundamental radiochemistry, nuclear sciences and environmental concerns. The primary mission of the Radiochemistry Society is to support its members in their chosen specialty and to promote education and public outreach for the safe use, handling and benefits of radioisotopes in security, energy, agriculture, environment, food safety and medicine. This is accomplished through seminars, training, scholarships, meetings and exchange of scientific information.

The Radiochemistry Society was formed through the collaborative efforts of many scientists and professionals with the vision of establishing an International Resource that provides governments, agencies, and individuals with the technical support and guidance on issues dealing with radiochemistry, radiometric measurements, medical isotopes, national and international security issues.

The Radiochemistry Society is also deeply committed to the education and promotion of young scientists entering this important area of science. Therefore, it provides support for members, provides a non-governmental outlet for resources of: Information, Certification, Accreditation and Consultation to all Stakeholders. There are also public outreach and community involvement efforts and partnerships with the private sector, academia and government.



PhD in Radiochemistry
University of Arkansas, 1982


Dr. BURCHFIELD is a world renowned expert in the nuclear sciences. He holds a PhD in Nuclear Chemistry and lectured extensively to all major government agencies.

Dr. Burchfield has more than 30 years experience in the nuclear sciences. He recently authored a book entitled: Radiation & Safety Management: For Homeland Security and Emergency Response, John Wiley & Sons which was published in July, 2009. He has also published numerous articles on nuclear fallout and radioactivity in the environment. Dr. Bucherfield has been an invited speaker to numerous international conferences and has taught nuclear science courses at several major universities.

Dr. Bucherfield served in the US Army’s Nuclear Weapons Program and he has served as a consultant to all major US Department of Energy (DOE) sites, commercial nuclear laboratories as well as nuclear instrument companies. In 2000, he was one of four invited members of the Joint Russian – American Working Group for Nuclear Waste Disposal and Environmental Protection.

Dr. Burchfield currently leads a cadre of scientists and engineers as the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Radiochemistry Society.

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In an ongoing effort to better serve the educational needs of the community, the Radiochemistry Society offers training courses to Groups at locations around the globe. Please fill out the form below and select your preferences to “customize” a course specific to your needs. Once received, we will review your information and contact you with details regarding your specific course request. [*if sending more than 1 student, please check out our Sponsorship Packages]

Group Training can be taught on-site nationwide at your facilities, our facilities in Richland or other locations to better accommodate your needs.

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