Medical Radioisotopes & Applications






 Monoclonal antibody attachment used for cancer treatment (RIT), also parent of Bi-213.



 Parent of Ra-223 (Monoclonal antibody attachment used for cancer treatment (RIT).



 Osteoporosis detection, heart imaging.



 Planar imaging, SPECT or PET.



 Positron-emitting isotope with biomedical applications.



 Monoclonal antibody attachment (alpha emitter) used for cancer treatment (RIT), used with F-18 for in vivo studies.



 Cancer treatment using mini-gun (B), treating ovarian, prostate, and brain cancer.



 Melanoma and brain tumor treatment.



 Used in berylliosis studies.



 Monoclonal antibody attachment (alpha emitter) used for cancer treatment (RIT), cellular dosimetry studies.



 Monoclonal antibody attachment (alpha emitter) used for cancer treatment (RIT).



 Planar imaging, SPECT or PET (C).



 Label radiosentizers for Te quantization of hypoxia in tumors, and monoclonal antibody labeling.



 Radiotracer in PET scans to study normal/abnormal brain functions.



 Radiolabeling for detection of tumors (breast, et al.).






 Cancer detection (C), pediatric imaging (C).



 Calibrates high-purity germanium gamma detectors <medical application?>.



 Gastrointestinal tract diagnosis, measuring regional myocardial blood flow.



 Cervical, melanoma, brain cancer treatment.



 Planar imaging, SPECT or PET (B). Used in PET imaging of damaged brain tissue after stroke.



 Gamma camera calibration, should be given high priority, radiotracer in research and a source for X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy.



 Teletherapy (destroy cancer cells), disinfect surgical equipment and medicines, external radiation cancer therapy (E).



 Medical, cell labeling and dosimetry.



 Myocardial localizing agent.



 Intracavity implants for radiotherapy.



 Blood irradiators, PET imaging, tumor treatment.



 Planar imaging, SPECT or PET (B).



 Positron emitting radionuclide (B), cerebral and myocardial blood flow used As-a tracer in conjunction with Cu 64 (B).



 PET scanning (C), planar imaging (C), SPECT imaging (C) dosimetry studies (C), cerebral and myocardial blood flow (C), used with Cu-62 (C), treating of colorectal cancer.



 Cancer treatment/diagnostics, monoclonal antibodies, radioimmunotherapy, planar imaging, SPECT or PET.



 Radiation synovectomy, rheumatoid arthritis treatment.






 Osteoporosis detection.



 Radiotracer for brain studies (C), PET imaging (C).



 Heat source <medical application?>.






 Treatment of pulmonary diseases ending in fibrosis of lungs.



Imaging of abdominal infections (C), detect Hodgkins/non-Hodgkins lymphoma (C), used with In-111 for soft tissue infections and osteomyelitis detection (C), evaluate sarcoidiodis and other granulomaous diseases, particularly in lungs and mediastiusim (C).



Study thrombosis and atherosclerosis, PET imaging, detection of pancreatic cancer, attenuation correction.



Dual photon source, osteoporosis detection, SPECT imaging.



PET imaging.



Labeling, PET imaging.



Brain blood flow studies.



Brain, thyroid, kidney, and myocardial imaging (C), cerebral blood flow (ideal for imaging) (C), neurological disease (Alzheimer's) (C).



Radiotracer used to create images of human thyroid, PET imaging.



Osteoporosis detection, diagnostic imaging, tracer for drugs, monoclonal antibodies, brain cancer treatment (I-131 replacement), SPECT imaging, radiolabeling, tumor imaging, mapping of receptors in the brain (A), interstitial radiation therapy (brachytherapy) for treatment of prostate cancer (E).



Lymphoid tissue tumor/hyperthyroidism treatment (C), antibody labeling (C), brain biochemistry in mental illness (C), kidney agent (C), thyroid problems (C), alternative to Tl-201 for radioimmunotherapy (C), imaging, cellular dosimetry, scintigraphy, treatment of graves disease, treatment of goiters, SPECT imaging, treatment of prostate cancer, treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma, treatment of melanoma (A), locate osteomyelitis infections (A), radiolabeling (A), localize tumors for removal (A), treatment of spinal tumor (A), locate metastatic lesions (A), treAt-neuroblastoma (A), internal (systemic) radiation therapy (E), treatment of carcinoma of the thyroid (E).



Mapping precise area of brain tumor before operating.



Detection of heart transplant rejection (C), imaging of abdominal infections (C), antibody labeling (C) cellular immunology (C), used with Ga-67 for soft tissue infection detection and ostemyelitis detection (C), concentrates in liver, kidneys (C), high specific activity (C), white blood cell imaging, cellular dosimetry, myocardial scans, treatment of leukemia, imaging tumors.



Label blood elements for evaluating inflammatory bowel disease.



Cardiovascular angiography.



Implants or "seeds" for treatment of cancers of the prostate, brain, breast, gynecological cancers.



 Lung imaging.



Heart disease treatment (restenosis therapy), cancer therapy.



Myocardial localizing agent.



PET scanning.



Parent for Tc-99m generator used for brain, liver, lungs, heart imaging.



PET imaging, myocardial perfusion.



Study effects of radioactivity on pregnant women and fetus, myocardial tracer, PET imaging.



Water used for tomographic measuring of cerebral blood flow (C), PET imaging (C), SPECT imaging.



Parent for Ir-191m generator used for cardiovascular angiography.



Monoclonal antibody attachment used for cancer treatment (RIT).



Polycythaemia Rubra Vera (blood cell disease) and leukemia treatment, bone disease diagnosis/treatment, SPECT imaging of tumors (A), pancreatic cancer treatment (A), radiolabeling (A).






Planar imaging, SPECT or PET (used with Bi-212) (B), monoclonal antibody immunotherapy (B), cellular dosimetry.



Radioactive label for therapy using antibodies, cellular dosimetry.



Prostate cancer treatment.



Potential radiotherapeutic agent.



Pacemaker (no Pu-236 contaminants).



Monoclonal antibody attachment (alpha emitter) used for cancer treatment (RIT).



Target isotope to make Ac-227, Th-228, Th-229 (Parents of alpha emitters used for RIT).



Myocardial imaging agent, early detection of coronary artery disease, PET imaging, blood flow tracers.



Cancer treatment/diagnostics, monoclonal antibodies, bone cancer pain relief, treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, treatment of prostate cancer, treating bone pain.



Monoclonal antibodies, cancer treatment.



Potential therapeutic applications: target neoplastic cells (e.g., small cell lung cancer) (A), labeling of molecules and monoclonal antibodies (A).



Monoclonal antibodies label (C), planar imaging (C), SPECT or PET techniques (C), gamma-camera imaging.



Myocardial blood flow, radiolabeling mircospheres, PET imaging.



Nucleic acid labeling, P-32 replacement, cellular dosimetry.



Regional blood flow studies, PET imaging.



Cancer treatment/diagnostics (F), monoclonal antibodies (F), radioimmunotherapy (F).



Brain imaging, generator system with As-72, monoclonal antibody immunotherapy.



Radiotracer used in brain studies, scintigraphy scanning.



Radiation therapy of cancer.



Brain cancer treatment using I-127 (D).



Cancer treatment/diagnostics (C), monoclonal antibodies (C), bone cancer pain relief (C), higher uptake in diseased bone than Re-186 (C), treatment of leukemia.



Bone cancer pain relief.



Detection of focal bone lesions, brain scans.



Bone cancer pain palliation (improves the quality of life), cellular dosimetry, treatment of prostate cancer, treatment of multiple myeloma, osteoblastic therapy, potential agent for treatment of bone metastases from prostate and breast cancer (E).



Generator system with Y-90 (B), monoclonal antibody immunotherapy (B).



Radionuclide injected into patients to allow viewing of heart and blood vessels.



X-ray fluorescence source and in thickness gauging (might be a good substitute for Am-241).



Bladder cancer treatment, internal implants.



Monoclonal antibody attachment used for cancer treatment (RIT).



Animal studies with Tc-99m.



Brain, heart, liver (gastoenterology), lungs, bones, thyroid, and kidney imaging (C), regional cerebral blood flow (C), equine nuclear imaging (C), antibodies (C), red blood cells (C), replacement for Tl-201 (C).



Cancer treatment, monoclonal antibodies, parent of Bi-212.



Grandparent for alpha emitter (Bi-213) used for cancer treatment (RIT), parent of Ac-225.



Clinical cardiology (C), heart imaging (C), less desirable nuclear characteristics than Tc-99m for planar and SPECT imaging (C), myocardial perfusion, cellular dosimetry.



Portable blood irradiations for leukemia, lymphoma treatment, power source.






Cancer treatment, monoclonal antibodies, parent for Re-188 generator.



Neuroimaging for brain disorders, research for variety of neuropsychiatric disorders, especially schizophrenia and dementia, higher resolution SPECT studies with lower patient dose, lung imaging (some experts believe it is superior to Xe-133 in inhalation lung studies).



Lung imaging (C), regional cerebral blood flow (C), liver imaging (gas inhalation) (C), SPECT imaging of brain, lung scanning, lesion detection.



Substituted for Y-90 in development of cancer tumor therapy.



Internal radiation therapy of liver cancer (C), monoclonal antibodies (C), Hodgkins disease, and hepatoma (C), cellular dosimetry, treating rheumatoid arthritis, treating breast cancer, treatment of gastrointestinal adenocarcinomas (A).



Cancer treatment (RIT), cellular dosimetry.



Gastrointestinal tract diagnosis.



Parent of Cu-62, a positron-emitter, used for the study of cerebral and myocardial blood flow.







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