Nomenclature Nuclear Chemistry
Terms: Nuclear Chemistry[T]
  • TAC Time-to-amplitude converter.
  • TAGGED See labeled.
  • TANDEM ACCELERATOR A two-staged accelerator, usually applied to accelerators of the Van de Graaff variety.
  • TARGET The material subjected to bombardment by radiation, high-energy particles, or high-energy nuclei for the purpose of producing a nuclear reaction. NM.
  • TARGETRY The design of target composition and structure to optimize the production of a desired nuclide and minimize impurities made through nuclear reactions.
  • TBP Tributylphosphate, a solvent used in extraction separations.
  • TDMES Time differential Mössbauer emission spectroscopy.
  • TDPAC Time differential perturbed angular correlation measurement.
  • THERMAL COLUMN A large body of moderator , adjacent to or inside a reactor to provide thermal neutrons for experiments. .
  • THERMAL FISSION See fission, thermal.
  • THERMAL IONIZATION MASS SPECTROMETRY A high-precision mass spectroscopic technique for the analysis of metal ions in which the sample is applied to a metal strip to which thermal energy is applied for ionization. J.
  • THERMOCHROMATOGRAM The response of a detection system to a separation by thermochromatography.
  • To IndexTHERMOCHROMATOGRAPH A device for performing a separation by thermochromatography.
  • THERMOCHROMATOGRAPHY A column chromatographic separation technique based on the variation with temperature of the affinity of different chemical species in the analyte towards an absorbent which lines the column.
  • THERMOLUMINESCENCE Luminescence produced in certain substances by heating. NM.
  • THERMOLUMINESCENT DETECTOR A type of crystal used to monitor radiation exposure by emitting light; often used in film badges or ring badges. NM.
  • THICK TARGET YIELD The yield or reaction rate per incident beam particle for a thick target, that is a target in which the attenuation of the beam through the target along the beam direction cannot be neglected. NAC.
  • THORIUM SERIES Natural decay chain commencing with 232Th and ending with stable 208Pb. The mass number of each member of the series is representable as 4n where n is an integer.
  • THRESHOLD ENERGY See energy, threshold.
  • TIME CONSTANT 1.) A convenient measure of the rate of a capacitor charging or discharging; namely, the time for the current to have reached a fraction, 1/e, of its initial value. 2.) The time needed for a detector response to reach a fraction, 1/e, of its final value if the detector is suddenly exposed to a radiation flux.
  • TIME-OF-FLIGHT A method of mass analysis based on measuring the time needed for an ion to traverse a known distance between source and detector.
  • To IndexTIME-TO-AMPLITUDE CONVERTER (TAC) An electronic instrument which converts the time interval between two timing (logic) signals into an output pulse with an amplitude that is proportional to the time interval.
  • TITER or TITRE (IN RADIOIMMUNOASSAYS) A measure of the level of antibodies.
  • TITRATION, RADIOMETRIC See radiometric titration.
  • TLD Thermoluminescence detector.
  • TOF Time-of-flight.
  • TOTAL ABSORPTION PEAK See full energy peak.
  • TOWNSEND AVALANCHE In a proportional counter , the gas multiplication cascade of secondary electrons. KE.
  • TRACEE The chemical moiety or mixture to which a tracer is being administered and in which it is more or less homogeneous. (Not recommended.)
  • TRACER Labeled member of a population used to measure certain properties of that population. .
  • TRACER, GENERALLY LABELED A tracer in which the position of the label is not defined.
  • TRACER, INTRINSIC An isotope, present naturally in a given sample, that may be used to trace a given element through chemical and physical processes. NM.
  • TRACER, ISOTOPIC A tracer which only differs in isotopic composition from the substance to be traced.
  • TRACER, NOMINALLY LABELED A tracer in which the label is present in a specified position.
  • To IndexTRACER, SPECIFICALLY LABELED A tracer in which the label is present in a specified position.
  • TRACER, STEREOSPECIFICALLY LABELED A tracer in which the label is present in a stereospecific position.
  • TRACER, UNIFORMLY LABELED A tracer in which the label is uniformly distributed over its possible positions.
  • TRACK, NUCLEAR Of an ionizing particle , its path as revealed by a track detector. .
  • TRACK DETECTOR, NUCLEAR A detector which makes the paths of ionizing particles visible, either directly (e.g. cloud chamber) or after suitable treatment (photographic emulsion, polymers). .
  • TRACK ETCHING For exposed solid state track detectors , the process of making the radiation damaged particle paths visible by chemically removing the material along the path. NAC.
  • TRANSACTINIDES Elements beyond the actinide series, that is, elements with atomic numbers greater than 103.
  • TRANSACTINOIDS See transactinides.
  • TRANSFORMATION, NUCLEAR The change of one nuclide into another.
  • TRANSIENT EQUILIBRIUM See equilibrium, transient.
  • TRANSITION, ISOMERIC See isomeric transition.
  • TRANSITION, NUCLEAR For a nucleus a change from one state into another; a nuclear transformation.
  • To IndexTRANSMUTATION 1. Any change of one element into another. 2. Any change of one nuclide into another.
  • TRIGA REACTOR A nuclear reactor with uranium-zirconium-hydride fuel elements which usually operates at a steady state level but which can be made to generate very short pulses with neutron fluxes thousands of times greater than the steady state level. It is useful for pulsed reactor activation analysis.
  • TRIPLE-MONITOR-METHOD In neutron activation analyis the use of a Au monitor in addition to the bi-isotopic monitors for flux parameter calibrations.
  • TRITIATION Hydrogenation using tritium-labeled hydrogen.
  • TRITIUM (BREEDING) RATIO The number of tritons produced per fusion event. GNST.
  • TRITON The nucleus of hydrogen with mass number three; the tritium nucleus.
  • TTA Thenoyltrifluoracetone, a chelating agent commonly used in radiochemical separations.

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