Pakistani government statement on nuclear tests

Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz SharifPakistan has successfully carried out five nuclear tests. Al-Hamdolillah

This was announced by the Prime Minister Mr. Mohammad Nawaz Sharif in his address to the nation over television and radio a short while ago.

He said these tests had become imperative keeping in view Indian nuclear tests and threats to Pakistan's security. He said Pakistan expressed maximum restraint in the face of Indian nuclear threats but the world reaction over Indian aggressive postures was Luke-warm.

India was not punished for using the nuclear options which endangered peace and security in the region. Mr. Mohammad Nawaz Sharif in the face of Indian threats we have chosen the path of dignity and honour. He said the nation will make every sacrifice and uphold its dignity in this hour of trial.

He said the government has decided to adopt massive austerity measures and simplicity to meet the challenges ahead.

He said all the big government building will now be devoted for the welfare of the people. Mr. Mohammad Nawaz Sharif said to begin this I have decided to vacate the Prime Minister secretariat for this noble cause. My decision have the full support of the president of Pakistan, provincial chief ministers, governors and chiefs of armed forces. He urged the people to contribute generously towards the national exchequer and pay their taxes honestly. During the course of his speech the Prime Minister Mr. Mohammad Nawaz Sharif appreciated the support extended by friendly countries in the face of Indian threats and its nuclear option. He particularly mentioned the support of Pakistan's great friend china for its steadfast support. The five nuclear tests carried by Pakistan today are the first by Pakistan or any Muslim country.

The announcement of testing nuclear device was enthusiastically welcomed by people all over the country. Pakistanis in and around the globe heard this news with jubilation.


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