Graduate Programs - USA
The Department of Chemistry at Washington State University offers Ph.D. and M.S. graduate degrees in radiochemistry and radioanalytical chemistry. Courses within the Analytical, Environmental, and Radiochemistry Division include radiochemistry, neutron activation analysis, nuclear chemistry and technology and special topics courses. Major units collaborating with the Chemistry Department in nuclear science research include the Nuclear Radiation Center and U. S. Department of Energy contractors at the Hanford site.

Major facilities on the WSU campus for radiochemistry and radioanalytical chemistry are those at the Nuclear Radiation Center. Such facilities include a 1MW TRIGA-III fueled research reactor with neutron fluxes of up to 2x1013 neutrons cm-2 sec-1 with several in-core wet and dry irradiation positions and a 5000 Ci 60Co irradiator. Radiation measurement facilities include a ND6700 g-ray spectrometer, a ND6620 spectrometer and several other PC-based gamma-spectrometry systems. Eight Ge(Li) detectors plus a LEPS and Si(Li) X-ray detector are interfaced to spectrometers. Computational facilities include a MicroVAX -300 Mb disk computer at the Center and an IBM 3090 system at the Computing Center. Facilities are also available for radiochromatography, low-level alpha/beta counting and liquid scintillation counting. The Nuclear Radiation Center is a U.S. DOE supported regional reactor sharing facility used by eleven western U.S. universities.

Research in Dr. Royston H. Filby's group involves the application of radioanalytical techniques, particularly neutron activation analysis, to the geochemistry of trace metals in petroleum formation and coal hydroprocessing. Other projects include the determination of trace elements in environmental materials, and the development of nuclear methods in microanalysis.

Twelve-month research and teaching assistantships are available for study in the Ph.D. and M.S. programs and further details may be obtained from:
Prof. Royston H. Filby
Department of Chemistry
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-4630
PHONE: (509) 335-3331