Graduate Programs - USA
The Prof. Lee G. Sobotka is involved in studies of the reaction mechanisms when two heavy ions collide. These studies include: investigation of the ion-ion potential energy surface as a function of mass asymmetry, the extent of equilibration of collective degrees of freedom; and both fusion and incomplete fusion. His experimental work is conducted primarily at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan State University, and the Grand Accelerateur National D'ions Lourds in France.

Prof. Michael J. Welch is active in the area of medical applications of nuclear chemistry and hot-atom chemistry and particularly in the use of tracers labeled with short-lived radioisotopes in biology and medicine. He is involved in the synthesis of radiolabeled, complex molecules which have the potential for the imaging of tumors using PET scanners developed at Washington University.

Research and teaching assistantships are available.

For additional information about graduate studies in nuclear and radiochemistry, please contact:
Professor Lee G. Sobotka
Department of Chemistry
Campus Box 1134
Washington University
St. Louis, MO 63130
PHONE: (314) 889-5360