Graduate Programs - USA
The Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University has ongoing programs in the use of positron and single photon emitting isotopes for use in biomedical research and diagnostic imaging. These programs, which are part of a new (1/92) "state-of-the-art" imaging PET/SPECT center, are contained within the Department of Radiology, with collaborations extending into the Department of Chemistry. Resources include Siemens RDS 112 cyclotron and associated radiochemistry and radionuclide production facilities, multiplatform computer facilities, as well as "state-of-the- art" Siemans/ECAT 951 PET and triple headed Multi-SPECT3 scanners. Specific research interests include the following:
  • Radiochemistry-Synthesis and chemistry of radiolabeled precursor containing O-15, N-13, C-11 and F-18, fluorine chemistry, investigation of uses of generator produced positron emitting isotopes of Ga-68 and Cu-62, the use of ultrasound in radiochemical reactions, and the development of labeled neuroreceptor ligands containing cyclotron produced positron emitters or single photon emitting isotopes (I-123 andTc-99m).
  • Physics, Instrumentation and Computer Science-Development clinical software, image processing, iterative reconstruction and the development of methods of improved P.E.T. quantitation.
  • Biomedical Applications-Metabolism, blood flow, and neuroreceptor quantification in the normal and abnormal brain. Clinical and research interests include oncology, drug abuse, aging, neuropsychology and cerebrovascular disease.

    If interested, the following research directors can be contacted:
    John W. Keyes, Jr., M.D., Director of the PET Center
    Richard Ehrenkaufer, Ph.D., Positron Isotope Radiochemistry, Neuroreceptor Ligands
    Robert Mach, Ph.D., Positron Isotope Radiochemistry, Neuroreceptor Ligands
    Frederic Fahey, D.Sc., Physics, Instrumentation and Computer Science
    Beth Harkness, M.S., Physics, Instrumentation and Computer Science

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