Graduate Programs - USA
Department of Chemistry at the University of Missouri-Rolla offers the graduate student numerous opportunities to advance toward a M.S. or Ph.D. degree in nuclear and radiochemistry. Listed below are the courses specifically structured to nuclear and radiochemistry.

In addition, this campus operates a 200 Kw nuclear reactor designated for research and training as well as fully equipped research laboratories and facilities.

  • 371 Nuclear & Radiochemistry (Lect. 3 hrs and/or 1 hr lab)
    A study of the fundamentals of nuclear and radiochemistry including properties of radiations; effect of radiation on materials, production, measurement and use of radioactive tracers; and the chemistry of reactor materials. Laboratory training includes radiochemistry technology.
  • 390 Undergraduate Research (Variable hours)
    Designed for undergraduate students who wish to engage in research. Not for graduate credit. Not more than 6 hours allowed for graduation credit.

  • 400 Special Problems (Variable)
    Problems or readings on specific subjects or projects in thedepartment.
  • 442 Neutron Diffraction (Lect. 3 hrs)
    A study of neutron diffraction techniques as applied to nuclear and magnetic structures of alloys, compounds, single crystal and polycrystalline materials.
  • 471 Advanced Nuclear Chemistry (Lect. 3 hrs)
    A study of the production and decay of nuclei, radioactive dating techniques, and the abundance and origin of the chemical elements.
  • 472 Radiation Chemistry (Lect. 3 hrs)
    A study of the chemical and physical effects of high energy radiation on non-metallic fluids, gases, liquids and solids.
  • 490 Research (Variable)
    Investigations of an advanced nature leading to the preparation of a thesis or dissertation.

    Areas of special interest on this campus are the origin, formation and chemical evolution of the planets and the study of rare modes of natural decay (double beta and proton decay).

    Students wishing further information should contact:
    Department of Chemistry
    University of Missouri-Rolla
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    PHONE: (314) 341-4420