Graduate Programs - USA
The Department of Chemistry of Stanford University does not offer graduate studies in radiochemistry and nuclear chemistry. However, a number of applied programs exist throughout the University, e.g., in the Schools of Medicine, Earth Sciences, Engineering, and the programs in high energy physics.

One area of applied research in radiochemistry is the Nuclear Civil Engineering program in the Civil Engineering Department. This program has two major thrusts: (1) application of radiochemical techniques to civil engineering practices (e.g., environmental tracing, surface and groundwater hydrologic studies, and activable tracer techniques) and (2) concern about the role of environmental radioactivity (including sources, distribution, transport, fate, and biological consequences).

The program is currently embarked on such studies as the use of natural radon as an in situ tracer in geothermal reservoirs, the use of activable tracers for groundwater and geothermal water transport, and the potential for volatilization of fission products in pooled waters in closed nuclear reactor buildings following accidental release.

For additional information about graduate studies in nuclear civil engineering, please contact:
Professor Paul Kruger
Civil Engineering Department
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305
PHONE: (415) 497-4123