Graduate Programs - USA
The Department of Chemistry, Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, offers the opportunity for graduate students to pursue a variety of research projects in the field of nuclear and radiochemistry, both at the M.S. and Ph.D. level. The formal instructional program includes a course - "Introduction to Nuclear and Radiochemistry" - which provides a graduate level introduction to the field. In addition, students have access to courses in Nuclear Physics, Advanced Nuclear Physics, Introduction to Radiation Chemistry, Radiation Biophysics, Radiation Instrumentation and Dosimetry, and related courses taught in several Departments of the University in New Brunswick.

Facilities in the field of nuclear and radiochemistry include an ion implanter, a tandem van de Graaff (ca. 8 MV terminal), a 1.7 MV Cockcroft- Walton accelerator, nuclear spectrometers, and a wide range of nuclear electronics for designing experimental set-ups for specific projects. In addition, the University maintains a 60Co irradiation facility and a small thermal neutron source. Proximity to Brookhaven National Laboratory and other research universities (Cornell, Columbia, Princeton and Pennsylvania) make collaborative research efforts at these institutions feasible and fruitful.

The research interests of the Chemistry Faculty in the area of nuclear and radiochemistry include:
  • Chemical and photoaffinity labelling using radioactive or gamma ray fluorescent probes (Prof. K. Y. Chen).
  • Proton induced X-ray (PIXE) and gamma ray emission (PIGME) studies of biological and environmental samples (Prof. G. Hall).
  • 57Fe and 119Sn Mossbauer Effect Studies of Solids and Radiation Damage Effects (Prof. R. Herber).
  • Origin and Evolution of Meteorites and behavior of long lived radioisotopes produced by cosmic rays (Prof. G. Herzog).

    Interdisciplinary research with faculty in the Departments of Physics, Biochemistry, the Medical School, and Engineering, among others, using the techniques and facilities in the nuclear and radiochemical field are encouraged.

    Students who wish further information concerning the opportunities for graduate study in these fields, as well as admissions procedures, teaching, research and fellowship appointments, stipends and tuition remission are encouraged to contact:
    Prof. R. H. Herber
    Department of Chemistry
    Rutgers University
    P.O. Box 939
    Piscataway, NJ 08855
    PHONE: (201) 932-2608 or 932-3955