Graduate Programs - USA
Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences Department, College of Veterinary Medicine & Biological Sciences
The department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences offers a new program leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees with a specialization in Radiochemistry. Exciting career opportunities for Radiochemists include:
  • Support of current and future nuclear energy programs
  • Nuclear waste management
  • Environmental restoration of contaminated nuclear facilites
  • Space Reactor programs
  • National nuclear security programs
  • Production and use of radioisotopes in nuclear medicine
  • Research on related topics

    For Entrance Requirements & Programs, please visit our website.

    Financial Support:
    Several Graduate Fellowships are available on a competetive basis to qualified students through a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. Financial support includes $1200 monthly stipend and tuition. Paid summer resarch internships are also available.

    For additonal information about the Radiochemistry program and admission to it, please contact:
    Dr. Shawki Ibrahim, Ph.D.
    Phone: (970) 491-1593
       - or -
    Ms. Norma Bulera
    Phone: (970) 491-0241

    Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences
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