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Environmental Radiochemistry is a specialty area within the department of Environmental Engineering & Science (EE&S) at Clemson University, which offers graduate-level instruction and research towards masters and doctoral degrees.  The overall goals of the radiochemistry curriculum are to provide students with the fundamental concepts of radiochemistry and to enable them to apply radiochemistry to environmental and waste processing problems.  As an alternative to graduate studies in EE&S, students can pursue a concentration in radiochemistry within the departments of Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. EE&S is located in the L. G. Rich Environmental Research Laboratory.

The nuclear facilities include a teaching laboratory with an array of radiation detection instrumentation, a low level counting laboratory for environmental samples, a radiation detection and measurement laboratory, and a radiochemical separation laboratory for sample preparation. Adjacent to the Rich Laboratory is the WMX Technologies Laboratory for Mixed Waste Research, which has two state-of-the-art analytical laboratories, two high bay laboratories for scale-up projects and a demonstration area. These facilities are specifically designed for research and treatment technologies related to hazardous, radioactive, and mixed wastes. Almost all radioisotopes, including the actinides and up to 200 g of plutonium, can be handled in our facilities. Research projects in the following areas are available: actinide chemistry; chemical aspects of environmental restoration, spent nuclear fuel processing, nuclear waste management, materials deposition, and isotope production; chemistry of radionuclides in the environment; separations related to environmental management and the nuclear fuel cycle.

Research Assistantships and Fellowships are available through a variety of sources, including: - REAP: DOE Radiochemistry Education Awards Program - SCUREF Internships (SC Universities Research & Education Foundation) - Radiochemistry Internships from DOE-Savannah River Operations Office.

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