Book Notes from Radiochemistry Society
-- Radiochemistry and Nuclear Methods of Analysis (Chemical Analysis: A Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry and Its Applications)
by William D. Ehmann, Diane E. Vance
(June 10, 1993 - 560 pages)

Review by: Larry Burchfield, PhD, Radiochemistry Society Faculty

Although this text was written 1991 it still contains many relevant topics to the field of radiochemistry. Broad topics from nuclear dating methods to nucleosynthesis in star are covered. The text is written for the beginner or "non-specialist" within this field and provides a wide survey for the reader. There is not an emphasis on high-level mathematics or first principles of theoretical physics, the book does provides a clear, "first look" at radioactivity, the principles of radioactive decay, and nuclear reactions, as well as:
  • Modern radiochemical instrumentation
  • Nuclear dating methods
  • Methods for the production of radionuclides
  • The use of tracers and nuclear methods of analysis
  • The origin of the chemical elements
  • The biological effects of radiation
It could be said that although many of the areas addressed are redressed in other relevant texts of its kind, it still provides a useful addition to any serious scientist within the field of radiochemistry.