Book Notes from Radiochemistry Society
-- Radiation And Modern Life: Fulfilling Marie Curie's Dream
by Alan E. Waltar, Helene, Dr. Langevin-Joliot

Review by: Bruce Kaiser, PhD
Facility Manager WTP Laboratory, Past VP of ABB Nuclear Fuel Operations

From time to time a very good general audience book is written on a topic of the utmost importance to the world at large. This is such a book! It should be mandatory reading for in every high school science student. Radiation and the uses of it around the world are as common as the use of gasoline, and electricity. It should be understood by the general public so sound political choices can be made that further advance our standard of living world wide. As nations of the world move into the next decades it is a vital resource. This is one of the very best books that I have read on this topic. I strongly recommend it. Alan has done a very good job of presenting the history of the uses of radiation from its discovery to the astounding diversity of it use in everyday life. Do yourselves a favor... read it.