Bridging the Education Gap


Steven N. Bakhtiar, Ph.D.


Lawrence Berkley Laboratories, USA

As science, technology and management practices change at an ever-increasing rate, a gap is formed between the foundation provided by an academic education and the technical and management competencies required in today's technical and business environment. A Professional Certification Program should be established to bridge this education gap.
Individual achievement of Professional Certification documents individual expertise and recognizes his/her personal commitment to his/her professional development. Additionally, the certified body provides a strong collective entity through which individuals are rewarded financially and professionally.

Job-Focused Certification Programs

Each Professional Certification Program provides breadth and depth in the full range of technology needed to perform a specific job function.
Because these programs are job focused and independent of job setting, employers and their customers can be assured that a credible Certified Professional has mastered the full range of skills required to be successful in complex technical environments.

Certification Is Important
Professional Certification Programs help individual to:
Gain practical skills you can use on the job. The Professional Certification Programs focus on the knowledge and skills needed to perform real-world job responsibilities.
Realize maximum benefit from a wide range of expertise areas. An independent should be qualified to teach individuals to all aspects of a specific type of career pursuit while also providing organization with a standard of assured excellence from these professionals. And certifying body oversees how to effectively integrate these career pursuits into individual specific work setting.

Build Individual leadership skills
Increase personal effectiveness in specific technical areas as well as general technical management and project management. Professional Certification provides a vehicle that allows individual key skills and talents to be internationally recognized.

Become more effective

When individual make Professional Certification part of his/her personal training program, acquire the skills he/she needs to be competitive in the open job market.

The Certification Process

Each Certification Program involves the documentation of specific job experience, successful completion of appropriate courses and their associated examinations. Certification exams are offered for a modest fee and are open to all who meet the general and specific requirements for registration.
The courses and associated exams required for Certification may be taken at any time. The Certification Body maintains permanent records of individual course and exam completion. Diplomas of Professional Certification are awarded to Certified Professionals as tangible recognition of their achievement.