The Agencyís Laboratories Seibersdorf

Gabriele Voigt, Agencyís Laboratories Seibersdorf, International Atomic Energy Agency, A-1400 Vienna, Austria

The Agencyís Laboratories in Seibersdorf have been established to contribute to different scientific programmes covered within the Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications such as Food and Agriculture, Human Health, Physical-Chemical Sciences, Instrumentation, but also in other departments such as Nuclear Safety and Security, Safeguards and Technical Co-operation. The Laboratories see themselves as providing service to Member States, different Departments in the IAEA and different Divisions within its own Department but, in addition, conducting own research and development especially in the field of Terrestrial Radioecology, Analytical Quality Service and Nuclear Instrumentation.


In this presentation selected activities and highlights of the Laboratories are presented. A major focus in the Laboratories is the management of the terrestrial environments and their protection, which is presently strengthened in the laboratories in Seibersdorf as well as on activities on Reference Material Production and Support of Quality Management.




Short CV

Ms. Gabriele Voigt, born in 1952, is a biologist and holds a doctorate in genetics, microbiology, and biochemistry, and is a professor in ecological chemistry at the University of Munich and Vienna. She is working as a radioecologist since more than 20 years in the field of radiation protection, first in the Institute of Radiation Hygiene of the German Federal Health Office and later in the Institute of Radiation Protection in the GSF-Research Center for Environment and Health, both located in Neuherberg near Munich, Germany. Since May 2002 she was appointed as the director of the Agencyís Laboratories Seibersdorf and Vienna. Her scientific interests are: transfer of radionuclides to plants and animals in agricultural and semi-natural and aquatic ecosystems, countermeasures and remediation strategies, dose reconstruction, modelling transfer of radionuclides via food chains to humans, environmental decision support systems and the application of radioecological models for non-radioactive pollutants. She is associate editor of the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, and a referee to several international journals in the field of Health Physics, Environmental Pollution and Dosimetry. In her previous position she was involved in activities concerning gender equality and she was an elected member of a variety of scientific advisory committees of GSF presently she is appointed as a member of the scientific advisory committee of the Austrian Research Centers Seibersdorf, is the co-ordiantor of the Agency wide cross cutting activities on Environment, and a member of UN Task Force on Environmental Sustainability of the UN Millennium Declaration Follow-up.